Publications & Reports

* Shani, M., de Lede, S., Richters, S., Kleuker, M., Middendorf, W., Liedtke, J., Witolla, S., & van Zalk, M. (2023). A Social Network Intervention to Improve Adolescents’ Intergroup Tolerance Via Norms of Equality-Based Respect: The “Together for Tolerance” Feasibility Study. International Journal of Developmental Science.

Ciordia, A., Alcalà-i-Rams, M. & Lubbers, M. J. (2024). A personal network study of informal political conversation in Catalonia: Fieldwork report of Work Package 3 of the INCLUSIVITY research project. Barcelona: COALESCE Lab, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. DOI:
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Department of Developmental Psychology, University of Osnabrueck (January 2024). WP 5 has published its research report, detailing the development, implementation, and initial progress of a school intervention called „Together for Tolerance“. The intervention aims to promote norms of respect, equality, solidarity, and dialogue, thereby strengthening intergroup tolerance and cooperation within a school context.
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