Work Package 1

Cross-national survey (PI Christ; involving all other PIs and Early Career Researchers)

WP1 will be the first critical step for the project, providing fundamental insights needed for all other WPs. We will conduct a large crossnational survey (16 European countries1 covering all EU regions plus UK, see Figure 3; using representative samples of N=1,000 per country, covering ages 1475) to examine (a) the relation between inclusivity norms and different attitudes and behaviors (e.g., tolerance, willingness to collaborate), (b) the most effective (combination of) ingredients of inclusivity norms (e.g., mutual respect plus dialogue plus unity), (c) sources of normative information (e.g., social network sources, institutional signals), (d) boundary conditions (i.e., individual, situational, social network, and contextual moderators) for the effectiveness of such norms, and (e) to test the invariance of the effects and ingredients of inclusivity norms across European countries. The web survey (20 minutes) will beconducted by multinational survey companies and include short measures for all central variables. Moreover, available objective data on the country level will further inform our crosscountry comparison. These include indicators of the economic situation, living standards, inequality (e.g., [Inequalityadjusted] Human Development Index), and indices concerned with the state of democracy (Democracy Index) or tolerant versus intolerant migrant integration policies (Migration Integration Policy Index).