So many languages


The goal of Together for Tolerance is to make school a beautiful place for everyone. To achieve this we need to reach as many children as possible. That’s why we have translated our website and our information materials into many different languages. I was responsible for the translation into Ukrainian and Russian. This was important in order to reach many children who were displaced by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but also to give other children who have a better command of languages other than German the opportunity to participate.

The data collection part is a little like magic. We ask questions and get the answers to them. Later, these answers come to life and give us important insights into school life. In the end, the answers become actions and events that we organize. And I’m glad I can be a part of it. I can take part in data collection. I was able to collect the data but also help some children by explaining the questions. In some situations I also help the children read and translate the questions into the language they need.

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