Together for Tolerance Shines Again


Together for Tolerance

At KGS Salzhemmendorf, the „Together for Tolerance“ initiative continued with a school event on September 18. Students displayed their views on bullying, respect, and tolerance on posters, using sticky notes to share thoughts and ideas. The student focus group, recognizable by their “2GETHR 4TLRNC” T-shirts, led this interactive exhibition. They addressed issues like bus stop behavior and encouraged mutual respect. Visitors shared feedback via a mobile survey, and participants received goodie bags. The initiative aims to foster a more inclusive school environment. More insights are available on our social media channels @together4tolerance.
Poster exhibition featuring students' opinions on tolerance, respect, discrimination, and bullying.
Hashtag markings for greater visibility of ideas on togetherness
Goodie bag
Research staff of the project on the day of the exhibition

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